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The best battery powered lantern lights for camping are made by different outdoors companies. Models like the rugged Coleman family sized retro rechargeable battery powered lantern are very popular when camping with a large group of people and when light is needed in a fairly large space outdoors.

battery powered lanternThese popular battery powered lantern lights are getting a redesign by some companies that are installing led light bulbs in retro looking models. These classic looking, but technologically advance devices are making their way to camp sites and tents across the country. People love the white light bulbs as well for illuminating the night in the great outdoors. Some creative people have even put colored paper in their lanterns or different colored bulbs for a more party feel. These can even be fun in the backyard for bbq's and parties.

Although some lanterns that are powered by batteries are made purely for decorative purposes like those used in backyards or ones that are hung on poles or a hanger in front yards in suburban homes, these may not be able to withstand the elements of mother nature which requires some rugged outdoor gear. There are different levels of ruggedness when it comes to camping lantern led lights or lamps. Companies like Coleman know this and have put a lot of research and design into each style of battery powered lantern for camping that they make.

Battery Powered Lantern Lights For Sale

Find great deals here on the best battery operated lantern lights from the likes of Coleman and other trusted name brands in outdoor camping gear.  Check out the videos and current lantern news below. If you are camping with many people, you may want a larger sized one like a family size lantern. Another option is to get several of these and put them on the camping table an have one in each tent. You never know when you'll need a light that's brighter than a flash light at night in the dark forrest.

In the outdoors, temperate temperatures and rugged conditions of daily hiking and backpacking requires a battery powered lantern that can take the constant beatings and keep on running faithfully and be reliable on a camping trip. A good camping lantern in general will be lightweight, last long on a set of batteries, be bright, and have the least amount of parts that are prone to breaking.  That's a lot of criteria, but when you're outdoors and away from civilization, you want a reliable light for those cold nights in the wilderness.

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Streamlight Siege Camping Lantern Rugged Alkaline Battery Powered 44931
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If you want to be as green as possible, you can forego the batteries altogether in these led lanterns and go with a solar powered product. You might not be able to get the highest watt bulb intensity, but at least it will be rechargeable battery operated without using aa, aaa, or even lithium batteries. These solar lantern lamp lights may not be as good looking as say string lights, candle lanterns or even paper lanterns, but some when fully charged can do a family size job at night. Campers from all walks of life will appreciate this. It saves money and energy if you compare them to hand crank models for emergencies like a hurricane. If the price and power is right, nothing can beat the worth of these new led lanterns for lighting up the night indoors or outdoors.

Portable lanterns are nothing new.  But, battery powered ones are fairly new and have become more efficient over time.  Which are the best battery-powered lantern lights, in your opinion?  As we've seen, Coleman makes some of the best models on the market.  Do you agree?  If you're a proud owner of a battery powered lantern, let us know which brand you got and what you think of it!